Meet Danny Gallardo a Producer out of San Francisco,CA doing it for over 12 years.


My sound is a mix of cinematic elements mixed with hip-hop. I tend to use dark melodies and really rely on my counter melodies and hooks to drive my beats.


The Neptunes, Dr. Dre, John Williams, Hans Zimmer to name a few. The Neptunes are my all time favorite production group and really inspired me to start making beats. I like how their music and Pharrell’s sound are fused to create a really unique swing and feel. Also the fact that they don’t use regular sounds inspired me a lot. Dr. Dre inspired me from a very young age because of his attention to detail. There are times where I still go back and listen to a Dr. Dre beat and find new elements I hadn’t heard before. John Williams/Hans Zimmer both inspire me on the cinematic front. John Williams is my all time favorite in terms of creating memorable motifs, melodies, and counter melodies. He also has a knack for creating “B” themes, meaning he is able to switch things up while still keeping the character of a composition. Hans Zimmer inspires me with his memorable melodies as well. I feel like Hans Zimmer made orchestral scores just as big as the movies he was scoring. He put composing for film and TV in the forefront with his willingness to make music that’s bigger than normal orchestral sounding music.


Art really inspires me. Seeing other people create and build an idea from scratch. It can be anything from a painting in a museum to seeing some fashion trend online. I think music starts with life experiences and the melodies and drum patterns we create are just a way of interpreting the world we live in. That’s why music has been so endless in my opinion. There are only 12 unique notes we play in Western music, but countless generations have constantly reinvented their life experiences with those notes in ways that are so different, yet still connect us. I’m also really inspired by film and movies. I like the aspect of creating something unique and telling a story that’s never been told before. Anything that requires imagination really inspires me because it’s a thing we can’t explain. Most musicians and artists can’t explain how they do the things they do, they just know they have it in them to create.


I’m working on my debut album of instrumentals. It’s going to be called “Between Dreaming and Waking”. There is not set date yet, but it’s on the horizon, I’ve already gotten started on it. My end goal with music is to eventually score for movies, tv, and video games.

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